Seqrite UTM provides default URL categories, which are used to manage URLs access of Users/Groups/Categories through a URL filter policy. Sometime when a category is blocked (or allow) by UTM, you may need to access (or block) a particular website that falls under that category. Custom website categorization in Seqrite UTM allows you to create your own list of website categories, so that you can easily block or allow list of websites.

 Administrator can create a custom URL Category with the specific URLs. The custom URL category and default web category can be combined in a web/URL Policy where allow and deny actions can be defined.  In a URL policy, custom web category is given priority over the default web category when allowing/denying the access.

Applicable for following Seqrite products and versions:

Seqrite UTM version 2.4.x.x and above

Adding Custom URL category:

 Under the definitions section, you can create a custom URL category and under that category you can list the URLS of the websites that you want in that category. Next under Policy, in the URL Categorization, define the allow or block actions as required. This custom URL web category has higher priority than the default web category when allowing/denying the access. You can add multiple domains in a custom category and allow / block the custom category domains using the URL categorization policy.

  1. Navigate to Definitions > Custom URL category.

  2. In the Categories area, click + to add a new custom URL category.

  3. Enter a name for the custom URL category.

  4. Enter the domain or list of domains separated by a comma. 

  5. Click Save.