Procedure : To add device in exclusion by serial number.

1. Login to your console webpage in browser (Internet explorer, chrome or Mozilla Firefox), like for 7.4 console version console URL will be : https://<console_ip>:9108

2. Click on Admin Settings >Server > Manage Devices.

3. Then click on Add Devices, and in that Select "USB by Serial number" Check below image for reference : -

4. Add Device Name and Serial Number of device.Click on OK.

Note : How to get device Serial number.

To find the serial number, insert the flash drive into your computer. Once recognized, display the properties of the USB device using the Device Manager within Windows. Under Properties is a Details tab with a drop-down menu. Select to display the serial number of your USB drive.

5. After adding in Manage devices, need to Authorize it.

For that select that device entry and scroll down complete page and select last column option of "Authorized" and enable that option to “Yes” Check out below image.

6. After adding device under admin settings, open policy(here we have created policy as ADVTEST) under which you want to add USB under exception.

7. In that policy, select option of Client Settings > Advance Device control Click on “Exceptions” Refer below image.

8. Then click on ADD.

9. After clicking on "Add", you will get below window. In that all device list is present which you have added in Manage Devices, Select required device and click on

   Add to Exeception “Yes


10.Click on OK.

11.Then select action under "Access" as a “Allow”.

12. Then click on “Save Policy"

13. Once Policy get saved, that particular device will able to access on end points where this policy has applied.

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