NTP(Network Time Protocol)

NTP- is a protocol which runs over port 123 UDP at Transport Layer and allows UTM to synchronize internal clock with a NTP Time server  for an accurate time.

Seqrite’s clock can be tuned to show the right time using global Time servers so that logs show the precise time and Seqrite activities can also happen at a precise time.


We can synchronize UTM date & time with NTP server either from:

1. Configuration Wizard at the time of UTM installation

2. Web Admin Console (after installation).


  • Logon to Seqrite UTM as Super Admin.
  • Navigate to  Home / System / Date & Time. The following screen will be displayed.

  • Synchronize with NTP server: Select this option to synchronize the appliance time automatically with an NTP server. Sync time using predefined NTP servers like asia.pool.ntp.org or in.pool.ntp.org or add new NTP server.
  • Click (+)  to specify NTP server URL, if you want to synchronize time with a specific NTP server.

  • Click Save

  • Click on Sync Now
  • Click Save button to save the configuration



You can verify the current date & time on UTM dashboard.

For assistance please write us @ UTMSupport@Seqrite.com