Feature Overview:

This feature will enable guest user access features to your local network.

A Guest User is a non-registered user who can be given default set of permissions to access the Internet through Seqrite UTM for a particular time duration.

After the validity of Internet access  expires, the Guest user is not allowed to access Internet. You can also set to delete the Guest user automatically.

Note: The Guest User feature will be available only if you have purchased the SMS feature.


1. Create a Guest users group

  • Logon to Seqrite UTM as Super Admin.
  • Navigate to  Home / User Management / Groups . The following screen will be displayed.

  • Click + (Add) to add a new Guest user group

  • Enter Group name & description
  • Enable guest mode
  • Set users limit for this group
  • Set user validity
  • Click Save at the bottom of this page

2. Enabling Guest User link on user logon

  • Navigate to  Home / User Management / User Settings

  • Enable ‘Guest User Link’
  • Select ‘Guest Parent Group’
  • Click Save

Note: Select the desired password strength, whether Strong or Weak. If you select Strong, when creating a new user, Seqrite UTM requires a password that is at least 8 characters in length.

3. Enabling SMS notification

  • Navigate to Home / System / Notification / SMS Settings

  • Enable SMS Notification

Note: The Guest User feature will be available only if you have purchased the SMS feature.

4. Guest login


  • Open browser
  • Access login page; by default login page

  • Click on ‘Create Guest Account’

  • Enter username
  • Enter country Code and Mobile number
  • Check ‘I agree to Terms of Services’
  • Click on Create
  • Wait for SMS

  • Back to user login page

  • Enter Username & Password ; as mentioned in SMS
  • Click Login
  • Change password prompt will be appeared, as per configuration

  • Enter OLD password
  • Enter new password
  • Confirm new password
  • Click on Submit
  • Login again with new credential


  • Logon to Seqrite UTM as Super Admin
  • Navigate to Home / User Management/Users
  • Check Logged in users

For assistance please write us @ UTMSupport@Seqrite.com