To report any wrongly categorized website in UTM.


Steps to Report Miscategorization:

1. Navigate to Support > Diagnostics.


2. Go to URL Category Check.

3. Enter URL like https://facebook.com

4. Click on Get Category. The category of the URL is displayed.


5. To report an incorrectly categorized website, click the Report Miscategorization button.

6. It will redirected you to below mention web link.  

  • Please submit the required information(name, email)

  • Verify  Code as shown on screen

  • click on Submit button.

7. After successfully submission of your required information one Thank You massage will be shown.

8. For any assistance you can contact our chat support team by click on Chat Support icon.

Verification :

After successful confirmation from support desk, navigate to Support > Diagnostics to verify the URL category.



For assistance please write us @ UTMSupport@Seqrite.com