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Formatting Not Allowed

 Last week I had my hard disk on desktop PC re-formatted and installed Windows 10 and re-installed my licence copy  of Quick Heal.

While reformatting, I had made 3 partitions (Drive). I now find that there are two folders in the last partition (Drive) which I tried to delete and re-format the disk.

The formatting is not being allowed and if I try to copy the folder else where all that I am getting is a blank folder.

After clicking several times, I now find a readme.txt in one of the two folders which says something about quickheal data backup.

So I tried to disable the QH for 15 minutes and tried. Still I am getting the same message (the drive is in use by another program...).

What should I do to free up the disk drive and are these files seemed to be automatically created by QH be retained. Also, how did it select this particular DRIVE to keep its files as a backup?

Please guide.

Thanks and Regards

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