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Realtime Behaviour Detection Service


Anybode else noticing that this service has started to consume more than 90% of the available CPU power?

So far, their support has been unable to assist and resolve the issue and I have tried but cannot end the task, nor can I find an option to disable this from within the software console.

How can this be stopped?



(9.68 KB)

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There needs to be a way to stop the behaviour detection process atleast temporarily . It's been blocking VirtualBox for me for the last two days and all my work is stuck . I hate this . Adding it to the exception list does not change anything .

I am also facing this same problem. When the service starts there is no way to stop because your cpu is 90% engaged and so it doesnt allow you to do anything. Can't find any literature on this either. When will this be resolved ? The only way I have been able escape is by force shutdown or worse hard reset.

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