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Submitting System Information (infected system)


I found the option to submit system information.

Learned that it collects traces on the system and submits 'em to QuickHeal.

What happens with that information?

I've not yet gotten any reply on submissions (I perform malware tests in ShadowDefender environment, and submit the traces in order to improve QuickHeal Antivirus Pro).

For example latest report:

ScreenShot_048JPG12.scr opens up a picture file as distraction, while opening wscript.exe to load payload (QuickHeal firewall alert for the outbound connection confirmed). client32.exe gets dropped and triggered (set to AutoRun). It calls out, autoallowed by QuickHeal firewall. Some Comodo signing related file was initally calling out, too (BSSISS.exe).
(30.5 KB)
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