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Groups and Policies

How to do backup/restore of policies in EPS?

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Log in to Seqrite Endpoint Security Console page
1.Start -> All Program -> Seqrite EPS Console -> Seqrite EPS Console
2.Choose “Clients” from the dashboard
3.Click on “Manage Groups”
4.Right Click over the “EPS Console” and click on “Add Group” and name the Group according to your requirement
5.After creating GROUP, Click on “Manage Policy” and choose “Add” to create a policy
6.Name the policy and Configure according to your requirement and click on “Save Policy”
7.After saving the policy Click on “Manage Groups” and Right click over the created Group and click on “Set Policy”. Choose the created policy to apply the policy to the created group.
8.After applying the policy to group, move the required clients to policy by selecting the EPS Clients and right clicking over it and choose “Move to Group”.
9.Once the above steps is done, the selected endpoint will be moved to the specified group.


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