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File Activity Monitor : Scheduled Reports to Email ID

Is it possible to get file activity details on my email address?

Thank you for satisfying my curiousity is the matter if you could contact me with up to date info I would appreciate it. Also how do I defend myself against tsl 1.3

Thanks Jyotsana Nikam for the information provided.



 Yes, it is possible to receive the "File Activity Monitor" reports to one or more email addresses on a scheduled basis. To configure the same, follow the below steps :
1. Login to Endpoint Security Web Console and navigate to "Reports" section.
2. Click 'Manage' and select "settings"
3. Configure the schedule and email frequency as per the requirement.
4. Click " Save" to save the settings.
5. Then click on Admin Settings - SMTP Settings
Configure your Email ID setting and test this. After done the test successfully you will receive your reports on your Email ID.

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