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How to configure confidential data in EPS?

Hello Team,


I'm using Endpoint Security 7.2 and purchased DLP feature. Please let me know how to configure confidential data in EPS?

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Hello Aakash,


To configure the Data Loss Prevention feature follow the below steps -


1. Open your Seqrite Endpoint Security Web Console page and click on Settings tab.

2. Click on Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and select the check box to enable this.

3. Select the data transfer channels as per your requirement and go to Configure Data setting

4. Click on Confidential Data tab and select check box to enable this.

5. Then select the Confidential Data which you want to block and select the action.

6. If you want to configure the exceptions then enable this and add this.


After done all above steps click on save policy and check it.


Note -


- After save the policy it will take some time to apply on client systems.

- This setting is applicable for Default policy and if you want to configure in another policy then go to Manage Policy and click on policy name in which you want to configure DLP setting.


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