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How to Uninstall Seqrite client from MAC system ?

 How to Uninstall Seqrite client from MAC system ?

 Hello Ajay,

Yes, you can uninstall Mac Client through remote uninstall method by logging in to  Console and this is recommended too. However, if you face any difficulty alternatively, you can remove Seqrite Client manually by following the below procedures :

- Go to /Library/Application Support/ and delete the directory named Seqrite.

- Go to /Library/Preferences/ and delete com.seqrite.scanner.plist.

- Go to /System/Library/Extensions and delete rtsysflt.kext, emlprosf.kext and websecsf.kext.

Note: Make sure you do not delete any other .kext file.


i am unable to delete the folder kindly help us to resolve

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